Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nearly In...A Big Thank You!

So, the results are in and here they are:
1. Jenny JONES
2. Emma DIXON
4. Shahrar ALI
6. Rupert READ
1st reserve: Jessica GOLDFINCH
2nd reserve: Rebecca JOHNSON
3rd reserve: Stuart JEFFERY

Well done everyone! I'd being lying if I said I wasn't a tad jealous not to be in the 'top 7' but, like many of the the relative rank outsiders, I feel proud to have been placed at all.

I found it amusing, if a little frustrating, that the AV system worked against me and some others. I was informed by my colleague Rupert Read that, (with first past the post), he'd have been in 5th place and I'd have been in 7th. AV: like insurance, sometimes pays out in your favour, sometimes it doesn't! I'm still voting "Yes" though.

Now we just have to hope that David Cameron et al don't use the latest take on the House of Lords,  as a reason to back track from their commitment to proportional representation.

Thanks to everyone for your support and who knows what will happen?