Friday, 11 March 2011

“Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.” Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Mistakes, I've had a few! However, for those who want to know the types of experience I can bring to the Lords on behalf of the Green Party, I list them here:

  • Law and debating - I cut my teeth at the LSE/London University and still enjoy debating and can cope with hostile audiences.
  • Parliamentary Candidate for Norwich North - I had various hustings, in various settings, with various audiences. On one occasion I managed to take the brief and learn very quickly about business, economics and finance. I learned enough to debate and demonstrate GP policies as robust and sound.
  • City Councillor - Committees and groups - Twinning, Museums, Standards, Norwich Consolidated Charities, Housing and Co-Chair of Regulatory. I was particularly involved in the numerous applications made under the then new licensing laws.
  • Psychology - Assistant Clinical Psychologist for two years and one year Doctorate, not completed due to family circumstances. Skills involved assessment, counselling, co-running care in the community homes and planning and implementing 'rehabilitation' and more. Adult and Older Adult care; Child Psychiatry; Dementia Care - the skills set here is multi-faceted: report writing, time management; research; therapy and interventions; planning and carrying out interventions, including neuropsychological assessments for stroke, brain injury, dementias, motor neurone disease etc.
  • Lectures and talks - I have lectured to small groups and to large auditoria on mental health.
  • Media - my daughter and I have worked in TV and radio for 'Red Nose', Rethink and Blue Peter. I have had media training under John Morrell:
  • Other jobs  - I've worked supermarket tills, shelf stacking, fruit picking, toilet cleaning, making fridge seals, road gang 'stop-go' sign, factory and field work.
  • If there is anything else you would like to ask, please do.

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