Monday, 7 March 2011

Post Office Queues' Muse

I have been collecting benefits from the Post Office since I can remember. It can be quite soul destroying knowing that before you even get to the counter window, you are going to struggle to pay the bills or at least be left with very little.

When I was a single working woman, I accumulated and afforded a lot of 'stuff'. A Berghaus walking jacket, a car, a pair of Scarpa walking boots and so on. However, for years I have now found myself in the world of good will and kindness. My parents have bought me replacement coats and shoes, a friend gave me a car, another an old TV and so on. I am very lucky, on an extremely low wage, but lucky. How come?

I have come to know many people in our post office queue and as I watched a fellow 'queuer' go to the window, I knew that like me she wouldn't have much left after paying her bills.

True to form she has maybe a fiver left, but then rummages in her purse and has 'enough' to put into the charity box.

Real politics, affecting real people, affecting real lives.

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