Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Woman's Place is in the House...that's both the Commons and the Lords!

Oh Lord, what is it all about? Having watched the footage from both the Commons and the Lords on numerous occasions you can almost forget that what you are witnessing is a living, breathing process. The movement of bills, onto legislation and law given Royal Ascent.

My first thoughts were, what am I thinking, surely the call for candidates for the House of Lords didn't mean someone like me? I discussed the possibility with friends and family and came to the conclusion, "Why not me?".

How would I manage? Well being a single parent teaches you a few things about juggling, time management, loyalty, work, paying bills, DIY, gardening, cleaning, cooking, studying, volunteering, childcare, being a carer, a 'nurse', 24 hour security, admin, legal admin. The list seems endless and to pay for someone to do all of the jobs would set you back £400-800 per week and maybe more in some areas.

So, if you want information go to the source. I called the support team at the House of Lords and without giving away Green Party business, I gleaned information about how the staff are there to help you do the job.
That, as a single parent, I would get help with those jobs which need doing and that I wouldn't be on my own.

I was encouraged not to be put off by my circumstances. Suddenly my skills set looked even better, even to myself.

Have a look at the House of Lords website, it's very good and informative. You can even see live streaming of the progress of bills passing through.

Baroness King of Bow will be giving her maiden speech, marking the 100th International Women's Day.

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